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Following a series of profound and life-changing experiences, SP Prescott's most recent work now explores Abstractional 3-Dimensionality, in a 'New Constructivist' approach, creating inter-dimensional forms within the classical constraints of the stretchered canvas. She uses canvas and other fabrics as sculptural media, with images and forms projecting from, or receding into the stretcher space. There are seven galleries where you can wander at leisure and experience the power and beauty of her experimental work.

"Canvases are still perceived as receptors.
But why not question the essence of the receptor?
Canvases are not precious.
They are not necessarily for adorning, to brutalise is equally valid.
To manipulate the flat to bring forth form.

Those who seek to use it as a substrate,
ground it, under-paint it, over-paint it,
destroy the machine-made perfection,
because the essence of humanity is riddled with imperfections.

The creative process is not concerned with answers,
it is concerned with questions.
It questions human and social perception.
It questions reality and its interpretation.
It questions artistic formats, and dallies with misconceptions." SP Prescott

"She salvages images from old paintings, ripping or cutting them from their original stretchers, recycling them, distorted and challenging into her world, where space is indefinable and forms are born from their own conception." BA